Standard ACRYLIC SHELVING 12"(W) x 24"(H)

Item#: SAS-12x24
Availability: Usually ships in 4-6 weeks

Product Description

By using modular acrylic panels and best-in-class stainless steel hardware, Shelfize™ has developed the most advanced and attractive acrylic custom shelf system available anywhere in the world. Our unique wall unit consists of an attractive, supportive back panel and the individual shelves which attach to it. You can order these versatile shelf systems in various sizes and finishes, and install them easily with our stainless steel standoffs.

All of the panels are sold with the stainless steel hardware necessary to mount them to the wall. The panels and shelves are 9mm or 3/8" thick, and can be ordered in either clear, frosted white, polar white or frosted green glass-look acrylic. The 25 mm long edge/wall stand-offs used to mount them, are available in stainless steel finish. Shelves are attached to the panel with a separate set of stainless steel standoffs. Please note the location of the shelves can be adjusted vertically based on you requirements.You may also choose not to install one or more of the provided individual shelving on the back panel.


Each shelf panel system is made of the highest quality acrylic panel materials available, and is connected and secured with high quality stainless steel hardware. Our 3/8" acrylic panels are available in four distinct finishes to suit all types of applications and looks. The Shelfize™brand is regarded internationally as the leading acrylic shelf system manufacturer because of its sleek design, innovation and finish quality. All our panel material comes with a 10 year limited manufacturer's defect warranty.


Width: 12"
Height: 24"
Entire Depth: 7"
Shelf Depth: 6"
Number of Shelves: 4
Number of Shelf Standoffs:8
Number of Edge Standoffs: 4

Panel Finishes

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