Shelfize is your source for upscale acrylic shelving solution at a reasonable cost. The revolutionary design of the specialized custom panel shelf system integrates simplicity and versatility of acrylic glass shelving. How is this possible? Our simple acrylic shelf design allows you to:

  • Use your custom measurements
  • Select your desired finish to match your decor
  • Install easily upon arrival

Yet, the Shelfize custom shelf system is incredibly versatile. Because it is constructed of long-lasting, highest-quality acrylic glass and stainless steel hardware, with a sleek and sophisticated look, it can function anywhere in a commercial space or personal residence. Design your custom acrylic glass shelves: to enhance the decor in any room (in your home, office, or shop), for storage, or to display and showcase collectibles. Let Shelfize adapt to your requirements.

The concept of the Shelfize high-end, custom built shelf came from the founder's personal experience with a bathroom remodel. He started with a plan from the ground up, installing the vanity, fixtures, and mirrors. Then, he noticed a very usable empty space between the mirrors. He couldn't find anything that would complement his decor, fit the space, and provide the functionality needed. That's when his designer came up with the bright idea, and created the first acrylic shelf system of its kind for baths. In discussing his shelf solution with others, he discovered immediate interest in the product and its many uses, recognized the demand, and started Shelfize to help others design affordably and with ease.