Custom Acrylic / Plexiglass Sheets Cut-To-Size

Product Description

Shelfize® offers a wide variety of plexiglass acrylic sheets from 12” length and 4" width to 47.75” length or width. Simply enter your sizes in our highly developed and sophisticated tool, choose your materials and receive an instant online price for your acrylic sheets cut to size. In addition to plastic sheet cut to size to tolerances of within 1 mm, we also offer you the chance to have your panel customized to your specification with a range of fabrication options. These services include Polishing, Radius Corners and Screw Holes. Please call us to discuss your project in more details. Buy custom cut acrylic from Sheet Plastics for all your DIY needs. With acrylic sheets cut to size, you’ll minimize waste and only pay for the plastic you’ll be using. Whether you’re after custom cut acrylic sheets cut to size, you’ll be sure to find everything you need at Shelfize®. Contact us today to discuss buying plastic sheets cut to size.

All of our acrylic sheet options are available cut to size and at the click of a few buttons, delivered to your door! High quality clear, frosted or opaque acrylic panels and sheets are perfect for residential and commercial applications. Acrylic is a highly versatile product used in a wide range of applications. Acrylic’s clarity, UV stability and ease of fabrication make them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Shelfize® stocks its acrylic sheets. Once we receive your order, we will process it within 4-6 weeks. Please note that this estimation/ordering tool is for acrylic only. Your order will not include any type of hardware or other components.

Our plexiglass acrylic panels and sheets are more impact resistant and half the weight of glass, making them suitable for residential and commercial applications. Shelfize® carries the highest quality acrylic material in the market. We carry 3/8 inch thick sheets in stock, therefore, we will be able to complete your order in a timely manner. We are also capable of handling your more complicated custom fabrication projects. Our custom plastic fabrication sites are located in the DC area and Northern Virginia.

Please note, our current delivery schedule is 4-6 weeks.

Custom Acrylic Panel (3/8" thickness) Estimation & Ordering Tool

1. Choose Width and Length

and inches
and inches

2. Acrylic Finish Option

3. Holes Drilled - Optional

holes per sheet ($2 per hole)

4. Polished Edges - Optional

($3 per linear foot)

5. Total Quantity in Pieces

6. Your Cost